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How can you help the one in four families that are affected by mental illness?

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The Peace of Mind Project, founded in 1999 by the Rev. James J. Kinney, is a non-profit dedicated to supporting, educating and promoting the mental health of all those subject to diseases of the human brain which lead to aberrant human behavior, ostracism, social deprivation and stigma. So, we were shocked to learn recently in a book, Torture and Impunity, written by Alfred McCoy, that since the Cold War with Russia, America and its allies have engaged in research of the human brain that at first was used under the guise of protecting Americans but later was used to torture enemy prisoners of war and eventually non combatants in order to gain military and other intelligence.

One of the principle objectives of the behavioral scientists who did this research was to perfect torture that left no physical marks on its victims. The shocking reality of the book, Torture and Impunity, is that America continues to train its allies in practices of so-called "non-touch" psychological torture as well as blatant physical tortures while exporting our captives through "rendition" to allies who do this horrible work for us while we claim openly not to be engaged in torture. Torture, by any other name, is still torture.

I expect you will work to see that the U.S. government abides by all that international law and moral integrity requires and that you will do all within your legislative powers to ensure that torture is no longer part of U.S. policy in any form or by any alliance.

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